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Want to lose weight, think more clearly, have fewer aches and pains, cure your aching back, strengthen bones and muscles, lower your blood sugar, prevent heart disease, soothe your sore neck and shoulders? 

Stand up. 

Yes, stand up. 

OK, it might not be that simple, but it is sort of shocking when you see what happens to bodies that don't move. This Washington Post infographic tells you all you need to know about what prolonged sitting does to your body and mind. 

I'll be writing more about building movement into your day in future posts. In the meantime, challenge yourself to move more and tell me what works for you.

Do you use a digital reminder to prompt you to stand up? Drink lots of water so you'll ensure frequent short walks to the loo? Have you cracked the code on living an active lifestyle that doesn't involve hours and hours of sitting? Do tell! (I can say from experience that having young child helps encourage an active lifestyle.)