What conversation are you having?

Your body hears everything your mind says.
— Naomi Judd

We tend to think about health in terms of our physical bodies, but in reality, what goes on in the mind is immensely important for the well being of the body. (Check out what the National Institutes of Health has to say about the mind-body connection.)

We all have internal dialogue, our brains ticking along a stream of consciousness path as we navigate our daily lives. This dialogue is really a conversation we're having with ourselves.

In those quiet moments walking the dog, doing laundry, getting on an elevator, what do you say to yourself about yourself? 

Is your conversation encouraging? optimistic? discouraging? pessimistic? Would you say these things to someone else? 

If your conversation is not as loving as you would like it to be, what would happen if you change the conversation?

Try talking to yourself about how you want to feel, how you want an event to work out, how you want the day to go. See what happens when you set an intention to make your conversation with yourself more kind. 

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