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I teach the following classes in a rotation at my studio in Decatur, GA. You can see my class schedule here

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Fix Your Foot Pain

Fallen arches. Neuroma. Hammer toes. Bunions. Corns. Foot cramps. Weak ankles. Tingling toes. Heel pain. Plantar fasciitis. The list of common foot problems seems endless. Too often we use insoles and other quick fixes for problems instead of treating their root causes. In this class we’ll get up close and personal with our feet. We’ll talk about some of those root causes for foot pain and do a set of foot exercises that are guaranteed to make your feet happy. You’ll leave with a set of correctives to do daily at home to continue your progress. If you have foot or ankle pain, this class is how you spell relief.

1.5-hour class


Walk this Way: Learning to Walk with Less Pain and More Benefits

How you walk matters!

This class is for anyone who wants to gain more of the benefits of walking, including improved balance, foot and ankle strength, cardiovascular endurance, pelvic floor function, better bone density, relief from back pain, lowered risk of diabetes and osteoarthritis, a stronger immune system, improved cognitive function, better emotional health, and more.

2-hour class


Pelvic Health 101

Pelvic floor dysfunction often sneaks up on us, and it can be hard to talk about. Sometimes we think we just have to live with symptoms, or that they're simply part of life, motherhood, or growing older. I'm here to tell you that this isn't true. You don't have to live with pelvic floor disorder. This class provides a set of corrective exercises that help address common pelvic floor problems, as well as lifestyle and habit changes that can support healthy pelvic floor functioning.

All bodies are welcome. (Men need good pelvic health, too!) Postpartum women can attend as soon as they have clearance from their care provider to begin exercising.   

2-hour class 


Mama Care: Tending your Body During Pregnancy

We put so much thought into caring for our babies during pregnancy, but sometimes we don't give our own bodies the attention they need. Pregnancy is a normal, healthy bodily function for women, but our modern lifestyles are often quite sedentary and can impact our ability to stay strong and well during pregnancy. This workshop provides:

  • A set of low-impact exercises that support a pregnant mama's growing body.
  • Instructions on lifestyle and habit changes that seem small but can make a big difference in keeping you feeling good and strong.
  • Recommendations for staying fit and strong during pregnancy and after baby is born.
  • Instructions for how to hold your precious baby in a way that won't wreck your back.

3-hour class