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Walk this Way: Biomechanics for Better Walking

  • The Seed to Star Collective 178 Laredo Drive Decatur, GA, 30030 United States (map)

How you walk matters!

Walking rocks!.png

Walking is a fantastic exercise, but many people experience discomfort when walking. Often to blame for this discomfort are the adaptations our bodies have made to accommodate our sedentary lifestyles. 

Our feet are weak and immobile, our hips are stiff, our glutes are asleep ... It all adds up to some pretty wonky body mechanics. 

This class is for anyone who wants to gain more of the benefits of walking, including improved balance, foot and ankle strength, cardiovascular endurance, pelvic floor function, better bone density, relief from back pain, lowered risk of diabetes and osteoarthritis, a stronger immune system, improved cognitive function, better emotional health, and more.

In this workshop you'll learn how to:

  • Develop a healthy walking gait using corrective exercises
  • Walk uphill/downhill and up/down stairs with less strain on the knees
  • Strengthen the glutes with every step (no special shoes required!)
  • Align your upper body, head, and neck while you walk
  • Understand the importance of proprioception in your feet and improve overall balance
  • Swing your arms in a way that keeps the shoulder joints healthy, works the triceps muscles and keeps lymph fluid pumping through your body

Weather permitting, we'll go for a walk on the walking path nearby the office so you can practice your new skills.

Target audience for this class

This class is accessible to adults who are currently able to walk at least half a mile continuously. If you don't fit this prerequisite, you may be a good candidate for private sessions. Contact me to learn more.

Why should I walk if I already run, do Crossfit, cycle, etc.?

Walking is the best whole-body exercise for human beings. That doesn't mean other types of exercise aren't valuable, but none of them offers all that walking offers. That's why I encourage my clients to consider building a walking habit as their baseline movement practice. Not only is it good for you, but a strong walking gait helps you be strong and resilient at all your other endeavors, especially running. 

2-hour class
Cost: $30

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