Reset your body with restorative movement

Regular exercise is only one part of the equation for a healthy body. 

Even active people tend to sit a lot. Sitting for long periods of time does a number on your body. It lowers your metabolism, increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, "turns off" the powerful muscles in your posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings), and locks up your hip flexors.

The longer you stay in this locked up position, the harder it is to get out of.  

Restorative movement can help.

In this class you will learn to unstick your stuck parts and bring movement back to all your joints and muscles. You'll learn techniques you can use every day for increasing your movement and reducing pain and discomfort from sitting, driving, and using electronics. 

What you'll gain from this class

  • Improve your alignment
    (and learn that poor alignment influences aches and pains and limits performance)
  • Practice a variety of postural strengtheners 
  • Learn specialized stretches that target trouble areas: lower back, shoulders, hip flexors, etc.
  • Learn how to add movement into your daily life, even if you have a desk job


New dates will be announced soon


Lotus of Life Chiropractic, 603 Church Street, Decatur, GA (see map


Each class is $10. Please RSVP here so we know you're coming.