Walk for Life Program Equipment

The Walk for Life Program requires very little equipment, and much of it can be improvised. The links below are affiliate links, by the way. (Every little bit helps!) 

walk for life (3).png

Half round foam roller, 3"x12" preferred

Spendier (sort of): These are cheap ($5-10) from Amazon or Foamerica.

Budget: Substitute a tightly rolled towel, thick book, big rock, or anything else that's about 3 inches high. 



Spendy: A nice yoga bolster and a few blankets. 

Budget: Scavenge a big pile of pillows from your sofa and/or use a rolled sleeping bag.


Rubber balls

Spendy: Buy Yoga Tuneup balls in the 2.5" size

Budget: Use a Hi-Bounce ball from a dollar store, a lacrosse ball, or a firm tennis ball



Spendy: Yoga strap

Budget: A soft belt from a bathrobe